Welcome to FaceBoard

The reason why I like taking photographs of people is because I find people irresistibly interesting. Specifically there is one amazing thing about us, all of us: our lives. Think about it, how many things did you learn and how many of those things are worth sharing with others? Through errors and fatigue, it took us our life time to learn what we know, so how cool would it be if others could know it in a snap(shot)? Well this is FaceBoard, it’s a project about our lives. It’s a shortcut into other people’s lives.

In return for collecting life thoughts and lessons I offer a photo shoot, a set of beautiful and professional pictures and while doing this I also collect small donations supporting charity organizations gladly given by the attendees. Here is the call for action,



FaceBoard Events

5th of September – FaceBoard photowalk in The Hague

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Ongoing – The Hague / Scheveningen

Previous events events:

5th of August – FaceBoard Photowalk in Scheveningen

8th of August – FaceBoard Wedding event in Serino

21st of June – Public FaceBoard photo shoot in Rome

15th of June – FaceBoard goes walking

8th of June – Scheveningen at the World Ocean Day

5th of June – Rome – Univ. of Tor Vergata