Photography as a passion

I believe that the best thing that can happen to you in life, is the life itself. Taking photographs reminds me of this.

In fact,vincenzo_small taking a photograph is also an excuse to explore what is around: it helps me seeing things in perspective and let people shine also with different light.

My passion for photography constantly fuels the necessary enthusiasm for investing limitless time and effort in this discipline.




FaceBoard started when I decided to move a little beyond landscape photography, which used to be my ordinary discipline in this field. Mind you, I find landscape photography still very compelling and it still represents the majority of my portfolio and my work, however people lives are simply more interesting than landscapes. In fact if I could, I would write about lives: lives of people I know, lives of people I believe I know, lives of people I just quite simply came across with. Life represents my ultimate interest and what life can teach us is always worth sharing.

This is how FaceBoard began: as project dedicated to lives. In order to do that I needed people telling me their stories, of course, and when  you need people you need to give something valuable in return,  always. The only real valuable asset I could provide  in exchange for time, was, of course, my time with a multiplication factor.  After all, as I often put it:  if you like to take 1 from somebody, you need to give 1 thousand (and possibly in advance).

So I decided to take portraits of people, lots of portraits and I was committed to work with my subjects in extended photo sessions which meant a substantial load of post processing work as well in addition to the time put in the shooting itself. Up until today I have processed and delivered over 27.000 images each of them prepared, shot, selected and post produced. Photo sessions take place either outside in an agreed location or, if the weather can’t cooperate, indoor comforted by a studio.

This is to have in return a single photograph. One photograph that I call, indeed, the FaceBoard photo where I ask the subject to write a sentence on a blackboard telling what she or he has learnt in life. Leaving us a message which summarizes what otherwise takes a lifetime to learn.

I see this as a shortcut from which we can all benefit, either to enrich our lives or to give words to what we knew already.


Biographical notes

Born in a small Italian village, Vincenzo’s career as a photographer started in Scheveningen, The Netherlands, around the age of 30. Among his works, portraiture and landscape have prevalence.

After concluding his classical studies in Rome, Vincenzo continued with business studies at University. Following his relocation to The Netherlands, he started a company specializing in news infrastructures and innovative software technologies which is still today his main activity.