FaceBoard at Ponte Milvio (Rome) | Public photo shoot


When: Saturday 21st of June at 18.30

Where: Ponte Milvio, ‎Roma

What: Public FaceBoard photo shoot event


LR_Copyright_VDC6371-2_smallThe experience at the University of Tor Vergata has been a success and we assured the participants that we would add yet another round of public photo shoot very soon, closer to the city center of Rome.

So, here it is! The next public FaceBoard event is going to be on Saturday the 21st of June starting from 18.30 in Ponte Milvio. I guess you will spot us, we will be right on the bridge.

In Tor Vergata University we even had the chance to offer a mini photo shoot ‎during the event whenever possible, which definitely caught the attention of many enthusiastic students. Hopefully we’ll repeat this in Ponte Milvio, so if you feel like showing up in your fancy dress go ahead!

Once again, this is your chance to take part in the exciting FaceBoard project. The rules are simple:


– Think of something that you have learned in life and put this in a single, possibly short, English sentence.

– If life has taught you a formula, wonderful! But don’t be afraid to explain it also in words 😉

– If you really think that life didn’t teach you anything at all yet,  tell me what your expectations are instead.

– Try not to come up with a quote from a book or movie, or at least, if the only thing you learnt in life is a quote from somebody else, phrase it using your own words :-)


If you are shy or if you think that the camera never loved you, think again: you’re way more powerful with your words than you are with just a smile, come and tell us!


Feel free to leave a comment behind, or to contact me via email: vingps@gmail.com to reserve a specific time and place if you need to.


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