The FaceBoard Photo Shoot


FaceBoard is a professional and individual photo shoot but it’s also a project about our lives, come and discover it!


FaceBoard so far has been an incredible journey. We had the pleasure and responsibility to shoot with hundreds of people in different countries and from different cultures. Each participant received a great set of portraits in exchange for their life lesson. It’s been mostly individual photo shoots in the area of The Hague and Scheveningen, when possible outside, sometimes in the studio and a few times we have also organized public photo shoots events abroad. Through FaceBoard we encourage a small donation of a minimum of 5 Euro that goes to a charity organization supported through this project.


Who are we looking for

– Extrovert and playful attitude towards the camera
– Ability to understand directions in English



What we offer

– 1/2 hour to 1 hour outdoor photo shoot in Scheveningen or Den Haag

– 10 or more high resolution, post processed digital images



Book Now!

To fix your appointment, please send me an e-mail:

For more information and questions, please read the Frequently Asked Question page.





Please Note


– The photo shoot is performed in public places at agreed time and location

– An indoor studio is also available in case of bad weather or personal preference

– We do not provide make-up & stylist: feel free to experiment and if unsure we can help you decide
– This offer is intended for adults (above 18) and requires signing a standard model release form
– It is an artistic project linked to our Europe wide FaceBoard initiative. Come to discover it, it’s fun!


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